In the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone. You could say that it has become our “life conpanion”. It is rare that we only use it for making calls. In most cases, it serves as a source of entertainment and knowledge, and it is the latter aspect that I would like to focus on today.

Industrial Automation Tutorial

A simple application containing 7 different industrial processes in its database with an exemplary solution and possible implementation in the controller. For novice automation specialists, the application can be an interesting source of knowledge and inspiration when implementing their own control systems. The application has no translation and is written in English. It is a pity that the knowledge base is not kept up-to-date.

 PingTool Network Utilities

In the age of the Internet and the constant need to access knowledge, more and more companies want to be able to remotely access the machine. To establish a connection, we need internet access and determine if the current installation is correct. This application allows you to collect the most important parameters in the field of network operation and based on the results obtained, we are able to quickly determine whether any changes will be required or not.


Working with networks, it is very often necessary to configure it appropriately and to assign appropriate addresses. Working on the site, we are often subject to time pressure and this is when an address calculator becomes useful, as it performs most of the work automatically and takes literally moments.


When working with technical drawings, sooner or later we always come across a file saved in DWG format. Having an Android phone, we are now able to easily open a saved project in this format. Some wiring diagrams are saved in CAD format.

Lovato NFC

The ADXL series of softstarters from LOVATO can be set using a mobile phone equipped with an NFC system. The parameters of each device can be saved in the phone’s memory and later re-loaded in the event of replacement of the damaged device. The configuration itself is much more pleasant using a mobile application and takes much less time than using the front panel.

Open VPN Connect

If you care about constant access to your home computer, while taking care of security, I recommend installing the Open VPN application and VNC Viewer, thanks to which we will have an encrypted connection with the possibility of accessing the home data resource.

CMT Viewer

When working with operator panels from Weintek on a daily basis, it is worth having an application on your phone that enables remote access to the HMI. Thanks to this, we are able to check the current status of the process without leaving the office.

Modbus Viewer

Working with industrial devices, every automation engineer had to deal with the Modbus TCP protocol. To test its operation, I recommend the Modbus Viewer application that allows you to quickly test the correctness of the connection.

FINDER Toolbox

A must for everyone who uses Finder devices in their work. The application primarily allows you to operate the YESLY smart home system. However, apart from that, it can be used to parameterize and preview the operation of the relays available in the Finder offer, e.g. time relays.

Pilz Safety Inspectr

The application is an interesting proposition for people who are interested in machine safety. The application, by asking the appropriate questions, is able to determine the safety level of the machine. I would treat the result of the calculations themselves with a grain of salt and treat the application as a curiosity.