I’ve been working for a long time as a maintenance specialist. During work I had so many situations and I can talk about them for hours. There are always surprising conclusions from these situations. Someone will say that it’s coincidence, fait, destiny; other will call it Murphy’s law.

Here is the collection of this law for maintenance:

  1. Everything will go wrong if someone has his eyes on you.
  2. You think that you programmed all the possibilities, give it to the operator’s machines. He will find a few more possibilities, and you had no idea that they even exist.
  3. Did you run out of spare parts? Tomorrow, there will be some failure and they will be needed. Definitely.
  4. If something is stupid, but it’s working – it’s not stupid at all.
  5. Do you think that nothing can surprise you anymore? Wrong.
  6. Operators’ creativity can surprise you. They can come up with something and then wondering all day how they did it.
  7. You are happy that the machine started working after big failure. Don’t turn your back on it.
  8. There is, all the time, an error on the machine and because of it machine stops working. You observe the situation to find the cause of it, you are standing… standing… standing… and the machine is working properly. However, all you need to do is turning your back on it.
  9. Your colleague on the previous shift had peace? Get ready for a failure.
  10. Sometimes the machine needs someone’s presence, some company and then everything is working so much better.
  11. Did you measured the wire? Add a spare… anyway, it will be not enough or too much.
  12. They call in the middle of the night, the machine’s not working. You try to help through the phone, you say “check this and that out”. It’s not working, we can’t do this. If you want it or not, you dress up and go to work. You go to the hall and everything id working properly.
  13. Sometimes Friday the 13th happens few times a week.
  14. Schemes are always out-of-date.
  15. The operator calls, panic in the voice, you think “failure of the year”. You hurry to the machine as fast as possible… all you had to do was pressing the start button.
  16. You think that it will be a simple glitch, you don’t have to take all the tools with you… wrong. In a moment you will be running for the key you didn’t take.
  17. You don’t know the day or the hour when the failure will happen, but somehow it always happen at the end of the shift on during the weekend when you’re work alone.
  18. If the operator says he did nothing, he definitely did something.
  19. When you get on the shift when Mr. X is working, expect that you will spend the shift next to his machine.
  20. Have you just finished servicing machine? Do you think that everything is ok? You’re wrong.
  21. Sometimes it is worth kicking, hitting the machine, it will definitely help, if not for the machine, it will help you.
  22. The operator can replace the simple fault with a failure of the month. Of course, he will call at the end, when everything is screwed up and you don’t know to go about it.
  23. A good experienced operator is sometimes a treasure, it is worth swallowing the pride and ask him what he thinks or ask what could be the cause of a failure.

Author: Bartek